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Learn About Our Individual Speech, Accent and Voice Sessions
Individual sessions will focus on ear training; you will learn to hear the difference between your pronunciation and that of Standard American English (neutral, mainstream, unaccented).

You will be instructed in the placement of your articulators - your lips, your teeth and your tongue - to facilitate easy production of your new sounds.

Through the use of carefully crafted drill sheets, you will practice the new sounds in words and sentences. You will be provided with immediate feedback and correction, so that you can gain confidence and consistency in producing your new sound.

Learn more about methods used to alter speech.

Accent Reduction Training

In any industry, good communication skills are vital.  If your present speech and accent patterns are interfering with your ability to be understood, if people constantly ask you to repeat yourself, if you feel that your speech is preventing you from advancing in your career, or if your voice is tired at the end of the day, you can benefit from the instruction of a Speech Pathologist / Dialect Coach.

At Sankin Speech Improvement, we offer proven speech / voice modification methods that will help you find your voice in the world. A licensed Speech Pathologist / Dialect Coach can work with you on improving the following skills:

Accent and Speech Improvement Services

Photo of accent reduction speech class

Make sure that your speech and that your voice allow you to make a good first impression. Speaking with clarity, precision, and confidence will help you to excel in your chosen career. At Sankin Speech Improvement, we have experience working with an international population of actors, voice over artists and professionals who understand that speaking Standard American English, the accent without an accent, can lead to more successful communication.

How Can We Help You Improve Your Speech, Accent and Voice?

Clients seeking regional accent reduction are from a variety of locations in the US including New York, New England, the South and the Mid-West.  Most of those seeking foreign accent modification are from a wide variety of countries around the globe including Canada, England, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, Thailand, Japan, China, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Greece, South Africa, and Haiti. Although all of the clients from these countries represent diverse cultures, they all share the desire to communicate without being misunderstood. At Sankin Speech Improvement, we have devoted our efforts to helping our clients achieve this goal.

If you are outside of the NYC area, remote Skype sessions are available.

A FREE consultation is available for new clients.

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