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Learn About Our Individual Speech, Accent and Voice Sessions
Individual sessions will focus on ear training; you will learn to hear the difference between your pronunciation and that of Standard American English (neutral, mainstream, unaccented).

You will be instructed in the placement of your articulators - your lips, your teeth and your tongue - to facilitate easy production of your new sounds.

Through the use of carefully crafted drill sheets, you will practice the new sounds in words and sentences. You will be provided with immediate feedback and correction, so that you can gain confidence and consistency in producing your new sound.

Learn more about methods used to alter speech.

Voice Over Training

Voiceover Talent With Accent Training

Are you auditioning for voice-over jobs but never getting calls back? Try our voice method which will allow you to walk into the sound booth with a confident voice. Eliminate your accent and learn good breath support before recording a demo.

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Accent Training For Actors

Acting Accent and Dialect

Be certain that your accent is not interfering with your ability to create a character who is believable and understandable. Review your sides with a trained Speech Pathologist/Dialect Coach. When it comes to accents, actors are in a rather unique position.

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Speech Pathologist For Voice Modification

Speech Improvement and Modification Photo

Your voice is your unique signature; it defines your personality, your mood and your identity. Working with a Speech Pathologist can give you the skills you needed to have a strong, resonant effective voice for auditions, voice-over acting, stage or screen work, corporate presentations, and public speaking.

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Public Speaking & Corporate Speech Skills

corporate speeking techniques - speec patterns

If you have an accent or you do not articulate clearly, your speech may interfere with your ability to achieve your professional goals. The use of planned pausing and phrasing and the ability to emphasize words for meaning allows you to project confidence and professionalism.

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Accent Reduction For Non-Native Speakers

Global Accent Elimination - Italian, German, English

Sound by sound, you will learn how to speak without an accent. A phonetic analysis of your non-native accent by a licensed Speech Pathologist/Dialect Coach will help you understand the differences between your pronunciation and that of Standard American English.

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Regional Accent Reduction

Remove Southern Accent, Northern Accent, Boston Accent

Americans have many different ways of speaking. The way in which you produce your consonant and vowels, which is specific to the area in which you live, is called a regional accent. For personal and professional reasons, people often choose to reduce or eliminate their regional accent.

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