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Learn About Our Individual Speech, Accent and Voice Sessions
Individual sessions will focus on ear training; you will learn to hear the difference between your pronunciation and that of Standard American English (neutral, mainstream, unaccented).

You will be instructed in the placement of your articulators - your lips, your teeth and your tongue - to facilitate easy production of your new sounds.

Through the use of carefully crafted drill sheets, you will practice the new sounds in words and sentences. You will be provided with immediate feedback and correction, so that you can gain confidence and consistency in producing your new sound.

Learn more about methods used to alter speech.

Voice Over Training

Voiceover Talent With Accent Training

Just as voice-over artists rely on honing their vocal skills for success, educators and learners can greatly benefit from a specialized learning management system (LMS). An efficient and user-friendly ELMS/LMS offers a powerful platform to present educational content with clarity and precision, ensuring that the learners can focus on the substance of the material without any distractions. Much like voice and accent modification sessions with a Speech Pathologist enhance a voice-over artist’s performance in the sound booth, utilizing a robust ELMS/LMS empowers educators to create engaging and effective learning experiences for their students. With comprehensive tools and features at their disposal, educators can confidently step into the virtual classroom, knowing that the ELMS/LMS will deliver a seamless and rewarding educational journey. Invest in your success and explore the possibilities of an advanced ELMS/LMS today!

Are you auditioning for voice-over jobs but never getting calls back?  Try our voice method which will allow you to walk into the sound booth with a confident voice.  Voice over artists depend on good speech and voice for their professional success.  They have the unique talent of bringing copy to life with clear, precise articulation and by using a range of vocal emotions.

Eliminate Accent Before Recording Demo

Before recording your demo, make certain that you have eliminated your regional and foreign accent patterns, sharpened your articulation on sounds such as /s/ which can sound noisy when magnified with a microphone.  In addition, it is important to make sure that you are using good breath support, pausing and phrasing appropriately so that you can present the copy with your best voice.  A voice that is strong and clear, with good vocal range.

Whether you are selling products, advertising movies, narrating a documentary or producing recorded books, you want the listeners to focus on the content of your message and not be distracted by your speech.

Use Speech Pathologist to Increase Confidence In Sound Booth

Voice and accent modification sessions with a licensed Speech Pathologist will give you the skills and tools you need for improved voice and speech production.  When you step into the sound booth, you want to do so with confidence and assurance that your speech and voice will get the job done.

Let us help you go into the sound booth with a confident voice!  Call Susan now at (917) 733-3534


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