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Learn About Our Individual Speech, Accent and Voice Sessions
Individual sessions will focus on ear training; you will learn to hear the difference between your pronunciation and that of Standard American English (neutral, mainstream, unaccented).

You will be instructed in the placement of your articulators - your lips, your teeth and your tongue - to facilitate easy production of your new sounds.

Through the use of carefully crafted drill sheets, you will practice the new sounds in words and sentences. You will be provided with immediate feedback and correction, so that you can gain confidence and consistency in producing your new sound.

Learn more about methods used to alter speech.

Testimonial: Foreign Accent Elimination

Removing Non Native Accents“Susan Sankin is detailed and methodical, and her exercises are extensive and powerful. There has been a big difference in my speech in just a few weeks, and I can now “hear” how my accent differs from Standard American pronunciation and correct it on the spot. Susan is easy to work with and focuses on individual-specific areas that need attention. I would recommend Susan for someone who needs an experienced professional, with time-tested techniques to correct their accent.”

-Hemanth N.


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